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 Katia’s Profile

My journey as a designer started very young, experimenting with many different materials and styles. I was born in France from Spanish descent, I studied Italian at University and then moved to London where I experienced a deeper sense of freedom in my creativity. Later, I discovered Hong Kong where I now live and travelled around Asia-Pacific, Africa and America. I believe this has enriched my designs and influenced dramatically my sense of aesthetics.

I am passionate about ethnic jewellery as it deeply reflects the diversity of cultures around the world and the different manners in which people express their identity and needs in their society. I love music, arts, nature, meditation and metaphysics. I believe I have a strong connection to crystals which allows me to be their messenger and express their individuality as well as their healing abilities.

Being an artisan is always a challenge, even more so in Hong Kong as the market is dominated by mass manufactured products and an obsession for luxury brands. However, Hong Kong also offers an amazing range of gemstones and pearls from all over Asia and the Pacific region which is constantly fuelling my passion. I have learned so much since I arrived and I am very grateful for these challenges as they have helped me grow as a designer but also as a human being.

It is my greatest joy to show you my creations and hope that they will inspire you and bring you Love, Light and Healing.


Corporate Social Responsibility

As we strongly believe in giving back, we donate 10% of every sale to the charity organization ‘Child's Dream’ to help underprivileged children. This year, we contributed to their High School Scholarship Program for marginalized youth in Northern Thailand where our Hill Tribe silver comes from.